The monthly challenge is an awesome motivator for all Fabletes to not only track their results, but also to win cash and recognition for their accomplishments.  We are so excited to have this extra incentive in the Fablete Movement.  

To participate in the challenge there are 2 steps:

  1. First, you need to upload your starting details in the 'Start My Challenge' portion of the program.  The details for this will be outlined in the second email you receive in the challenge. Basically, we want you to submit a photo and your details capturing your starting point in the program. This is to track your success! Be sure to save your details on your phone as this is not saved in the program (however you are welcome to create a support ticket by clicking "+" above for this information)
  2. When you are ready to make your submission, you can use the 'Enter to Win' section to submit your results.  In this section, you will be submitting your starting photos, measurements, etc. and your details for today to show how far you have come. This is to capture your success so far! Every month a winner will be chosen and you can submit your results as many times as you want (only 1 per month). You can show results month over month, or from your starting point to today. Whatever you think will help you WIN!

Snap those photos Fabletes!