Yes, your cheat MEAL is absolutely allowed under the Flat Abs Fitness program. This is important for both your sanity and to keep your metabolism on its toes.  

Cheat meals are extremely important because when you eat healthy all the time, your body doesn’t have to work as hard. Since your body doesn’t work as hard we incorporate one meal one time a week to cheat. But that’s only if you have followed the meal plan to the BEST you can. Make sure it’s under 600 calories. Also, keep it to 30 minutes… this is not cheat day!

If you do this right it will help your body to ramp up metabolism and work harder. It gets us out of plateaus and lulls and of digesting food that doesn’t take much effort. 

And when we eat pizza and ice cream and metabolism spikes because it works harder.

Cheat meals are crucial. Go out have fun… don’t stress that you can’t get back on wagon… you can!