We are so sorry for this inconvenience. 

If there isn't a confirmation email, one of two things happened. It's either in your junk or spam folders, or you accidentally mis-typed your email and we were unable to send it to you. If you think this might have happened, just try signing up again (typing carefully! :)), and if it works you should see your confirmation email shortly. If it doesn't work maybe check your junk or spam for the welcome email.

Sometimes searching for spam and junk mail doesn't work on your phone. The regular email phone app doesn't always store all the emails to save space - and junk messages can be deleted often. So the best thing to do is to search for it in junk/spam from the email provider's app (i.e the yahoo app or the Gmail app) if you're on your phone, or from your computer or laptop. 

Since your email has already gone missing - please do a thorough search for it using the instructions from above (not just on your mobile app). You can search for "info@flatabsfitness.com."

Please make sure to follow these steps to make sure you don't miss an email:

1.) Register for the challenge with the best email you have access to.

Why? Email accounts with known issues include Yahoo, Hotmail, Live.com, MSN, .edu and work accounts -  many emails end up in junk or spam or don't even make it to you at all. GMAIL is very consistent with delivery, however, emails may go into a different folder like "Promotions."

Want to update your email address? Make sure to sign up for the challenge again with your BEST email address.

2.) Add "info@flatabsfitness.com" as a safe sender and create a filter for emails from us to go to your inbox.

Why? If your email doesn't know us, it might block our emails or send them to spam or junk. Here's the instruction on how to do add us as a safe sender: http://bit.ly/email-workouts-help

3) If you find our emails in your junk folder, MOVE IT TO YOUR INBOX and follow the prompts to let your email service know that you want all messages from us to go to the inbox. :)



Sometimes emails with GMAIL can be filtered into a different mailbox.

This is not always obvious on your mobile device so make sure you add TRAINER ANDI to your contacts and DRAG any emails you find in your PROMOTIONS TAB from her to your PRIMARY INBOX and follow the prompt from Gmail to always put her messages in your inbox. 

If you skip these steps, you may not receive all of the emails from us.


Make sure you add TRAINER ANDI as a contact so your email always delivers to your inbox.


If possible, try to not use your .edu email address or any address that's issued to you from your work server. Even after you confirm, these emails have a 50/50 chance of delivery.

Your best option is to sign up with a personal email (preferably GMAIL).

If you've followed the steps above and still need help as a last resort, please contact us by clicking the "+" icon above.